“To accomplish something extraordinary,one must have an extraordinary dream”




As much a triathlon is a very individual sport I always wanted to create my own Team of coached athletes. For me it’s hugely important for my athletes to feel part of a group working towards similar dreams and goals. I want my athletes to have a sense of belonging where they will find inspiration, encouragement and friendship.

My primary coaching passion for the past 15 years has been on developing long course triathletes of all abilities. That includes first time Ironman athletes to those winning medals at World Championship level.

 I coach my team of triathletes at our beautiful training facility here in West London –http://www.theparkclub.co.uk. Alongside this is coach a small number of athletes online each year and also provide a customised training plan writing service. I am also a fully qualified Swim Smooth Certified coach and can offer high quality swim video analysis session for those athletes looking to develop their swim.Further details can be found in my “Coaching Services” page.

 If you have any further queries or would like to discuss coaching options please feel free to contact me.

Coach Julian Nagi

Emily Loughnan

Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them.I’ve met many people through my involvement in sport,which as been one of its real pleasures. And many people have helped me, and encouraged me.Julian has without a doubt being one of the greatest influences  Read More…..


Chris Jansen

  “I am very lucky to have met Julian.  He is one of a few remarkable people that I know ~ for countless reasons.  When we met ten years ago my aim was to train once a week in the gym. Ten years later not only have I achieved things that I genuinely believed impossible but also Julian has  Read More…..” 

Simone Dailey

Is there such a thing as perfect coach? No, and there is no such thing as a perfect Athlete. This is one of the most important things Julian has taught me over the years. Every athlete is unique and on their own journey, he coaches all of his athletes differently and makes us all feel special in our own way. Read More….